17 June 2011

Art for holmfirth

After the visit to Saltaire I was much more focused on what I was going to enter.  I had originally stated a illustrative drawing of a house on Victoria road but I decided to create a more painterly and colourful artwork.  I think this will fit in much better because it is more expressive, energetic and vibrant.  I did a small piece A4 of an house on Victoria road to pracitce my technique which turned out much better than what I had expected..

This ia a house in Airmyn, East Yorkshire which I am going to enter into the Holmfirth artweek exhibition.

This is Vicars cafe on Victoria Road, Saltaire and I am also going to enter into the Holmfirth artweek exhibition.  I hope they will sell.

10 June 2011

Saltaire Arts Trail

On bank holiday Monday I met up with Hayley and Adele from uni and we went to Saltaire to do the Arts Trail. It include a craft market as well as artists and designer makers selling their creations from open houses.


Saltaire is an interesting place because as well as being a unesco world heritage site there is the brilliant Salt mill which a gallery of works by David Hockney.  Visiting Saltaire is always inspirational, we spent lots of time browsing greeting cards and books in the Mill.

Three cards I thought were inspirational - two from the mill and one by Clare Caulfield

Butterfly by Norman Adams RA.  I love the simplicity and colour of the butterfly

Love birds by Allan Drummond

 Monmarte by Clare Caulfield.  Work created by print artists has inspired me to attend a print class at Peters.  I haven't done any collagraph printing for over two years and I think a session is well over due.