10 July 2012

Painted florals

After looking at the amazing painted floral cakes by Natasha I had to have ago at painting straight onto paper with no drawing involved.  Here's what I did, after some playing around on Photoshop I sent a painted floral design into the Tigerprint contest.  I do need to have more practise at painting like this and it doesn't take long to do.

My final design for the Tigerprint contest

There are an enormous amount of design entering in this contest so I am  not expecting anything from it but it is all good practise.  It is difficult to pick a favourite out as there are so many good ones and I assume it is going to be a difficult task for the judges. See all the entries here  Here a few of my favourites that stand out for me but there are so many to choose from.

Diamonds by sarah bagshaw

Attachment 4 by wendy
by katie frizpatrick

Merci by simi

by dalbir